We had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah for our second home birth. She was easy and comfortable to talk to and was so caring interacting with our toddler. She answered our questions and had a great sense of professionalism. You can tell that Sarah knows about birth, babies, and midwifery and is passionate about it.


We were not able to work with Sarah as the day after the interview we had an early ultrasound that showed the pregnancy was not a viable pregnancy. Sarah was supportive and kind during the transition. She provided answers to our questions, reached out with support and kind words and was always available for questions. 


I would highly recommend Sarah. Professional, kind, supportive and knowledgeable. She listens and advises while trusting you and your body.


~Kate & Stephen

We were so blessed to have Sarah at our birth!  I was "overdue" and had a couple false alarms but she understood how anxious it made me to think I was calling everyone out for no reason, and really put my mind at ease about calling whenever I needed to.  Once I was finally really in labor, she noticed when I started feeling like a "watched pot" and suggested the birth team head out for a bit while I rested; it was exactly what I needed.


Then when my labor didn't progress as I'd expected (this was my fourth baby and I thought I might be able to sneeze her out!) she and the lovely Katie had plenty of tricks up their sleeves to get things going in the right direction.  They were so relaxed (or so it seemed to me) that it helped a lot with easing my stress over how things weren't going as planned.  I felt like they knew exactly what they were doing, but were very flexible and always taking my comfort level into consideration.  It was a team effort, and I felt very empowered! 


I expect if I had been in a hospital setting, I would have had a c-section.  But Sarah coached and cheered me on, monitoring the baby's condition as well as my own regularly throughout my labor without being intrusive.  She had a way of explaining what I needed to do to get the baby out that made it really easy for me to visualize it, and then I was able to really focus my laboring in a productive way.  It was the hardest thing I've ever done, and I just felt so supported and safe.  I am so grateful to her and thankful that I was able to have such an amazing birth!


Heather & Graham

There are so many wonderful things I can say about Sarah.  I understand the journey of trying to find the right match for your birthing experience, as I have been on that search as well.  What stands out the most for me and perhaps would have been the most helpful to hear is that Sarah has a calm but very competent demeanor.  Under her care and guidance, my partner and I developed our birth plan, and with her wisdom and assurance, we felt as prepared as we could be for each step along the way. During labor, she allowed us to go through this deeply personal, powerful event in our own way, but I always felt her presence nearby when she needed to respond to my requests or check in on how baby and I were progressing.  


Most importantly, she listened to me and honored my intuition and innate wisdom during the process. I clearly remember at one point stating, “this isn’t working.” She responded immediately, helping me change positions and my son was born no more than 15 minutes later.  With Sarah at my side, birthing my son twelve years ago remains a beautiful empowering process that I hope all women initiated into motherhood are able to experience.


~Maya S. and Owen J. 

Working with Brittany was an amazing experience.


Throughout my pregnancy she helped with nutrition, hypnobabies and educated me on many other topics that aided me in my pregnancy and my delivery. I had her attend my homebirth, my first after two hospital births , and I couldn't imagine my delivery without her support.


Not only did she have amazing insight, attention to detail, a high level of caring but a sixth sense to what I needed and what my family needed. She was great support to my older children and my husband. 


She provided me with aromatherapy support during my labor that not only eased my stomach but also was calming during contractions.


She was so extremely kind, caring and professional that I highly recommend her for any type of birth. I feel so grateful to have had her support during this important time in my family's life.


Kristin A.

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