Frequently Asked Questions  

What happens after baby arrives?

After your baby has arrived, the assistant and I will support you through the immediate postpartum time. My birth assistant and I assure you and your child are stable, healthy and thriving. We do a thorough newborn examination and several assessments of both you and your newborn before we tuck you in and head home.


When do I call you when I'm in labor?

When labor begins, I am available as you desire. We will talk in early labor and together decide when it is appropriate for me to arrive at your home. I will notify the birth assistant of your labor and decide when she will arrive as well.


When I see you in labor, I will assess your health, your baby's health and your stage of labor. Typically all of these assessments can occur in a non-invasive way.


I remain with you throughout labor and birth providing whatever support you and your labor need. Assessments of health and safety occur continually at appropriate intervals through your labor.


Will I see you after birth?

I will see you and baby again about 24 hours after birth and then again around day three and between week one and two. A final visit around four to six weeks concludes the midwifery care for the pregnancy. 



How many visits will we have?

As a client you can plan to have at least ten prenatal visits with me. These visits last approximately an hour and take place in both my home office and in your home. Most necessary lab work is addressed in these settings.


Visits consist of discussing your questions and concerns that have developed since our previous meeting, reviewing nutrition and pregnancy changes that are occurring, previewing what to expect between visits and doing physical checks of blood pressure and baby's growth. 


Your initial visit will often run a bit longer as we review forms and do a more thorough physical examination. 


How can I contact you?

Throughout pregnancy I am available to discuss questions that develop between visits either  by phone, email, text or in person.


Do you have a birthing tub?

Yes- birthing tubs, complete with cover and single use liner are availble to borrow (and included in cost) if you would like to labor or birth in the water. 


What if I need to transfer?

If your labor and birth require a different level of care and a transfer to a hospital is needed, I will accompany you to the appropriate care facility and stay with you to provide support to the extent you choose.




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