Here are some of my favorite resources for additional information about pregnancy, birth, midwives and homebirth



Spinning Babies

Excellent site for optimal fetal position through pregnancy and during labor


Evidence Based Birth

Go-to site for clear, research based information about pregnancy, birth and newborn care


The Last Days of Pregnancy

This essay speaks to the heart of women's feeling at the end of pregnancy

Fetal size and weight



Fetal growth and development

For Dad

A dad's guide to pregnancy



Visualizing Birth

Artwork and images that can be used for positive visualizations


Birth Sensations & Protecting the Perineum

Ideas for responding to the sensations of late labor and pushing


Homebirth Cesarean

Excellent resource for women who planned an out of hospital birth experience that culminated in cesarean birth



The Magical Hour

Companion website to the movie, this site details the newborn's transition from the womb

Life in the Fourth Trimester


Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum


Mothering the New Mother


Biggest Regret

Postpartum Progress


Postpartum Birth Control options (from Planned Parenthood)



Getting Started with Breastfeeding

Stanford University site has videos and other information to help with the breastfeeding relationship


Dr. Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Site

Dr. Newman's expertise in supporting breastfeeding under many circumstances is invaluable, especially his videos

- Jack Newman Breastfeeding videos

Jack Newman Breastfeeding information

Biological Nurturing

LLLI of MD-DC-DE (La Leche League International)

Find a Lactation Consultant Near You (IBCLC)

Tdap in Pregnancy


Safety in newborns of mothers in vaccine trials article 


CDC recommendations


Tdap safety in pregnancy research article


Observational UK study on Safety of Pertussis

Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy




The Period of Purple Crying

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